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Tips for Stuck Garage Doors

Dealing with a garage door that gets stuck often or one that has become stuck now can be a tough thing. Some people think that this means immediately having to replace the door, but that is not the case. There are some tips that you need to know if this is something that you are dealing with. Companies that offer garage door replacements in Grand Junction, CO have some ways that you can fix stuck garage doors that you should remember.

The very first thing that you need to do is see where the problem seems to be. It is important to know if the mechanism is stuck or if part of the actual door is warped. This can mean different things. If the mechanism is stuck, it can mean a simple fix, while a warped door can be more complex. If you see that the door is crooked or does not fit into the rails, you will have to reach out to an expert to help you.

Ice can be an issue in areas that get cold winters. It is a very common thing that can happen and it is actually the easiest thing to fix. You can pour hot water over the iced parts and that should resolve the issue. If there are still movement concerns, you may need to consult with an expert to make certain that there are no further issues that the ice caused.

You also want to check and see if you can move the door by hand. This can tell you that the problem is mechanical and could have to do with the system that operates the door and not the door itself. There could be breakers that have blown or the system itself could have come loose. If you can open the door by hand, you will need to contact an expert to help you figure out what is wrong with the mechanism.

Check the batteries in the remote control. This is one of the most common things people forget to do. Many times, the batteries are dead and the remote is not working, leading people to think that the door itself is faulty. Do this quickly to ensure that it is not a simple battery issue.

These are tips that can help you resolve issues you have with a stuck door. There are lots of reasons why a garage door may not be functioning as it should be, so do take your time learning about the different causes. Reach out to providers of repair and replacement services if you are still not sure how to fix the problem and they will do their best to get your door working again. You can get started doing this right now by contacting a Grand Junction, CO garage door replacement company like us at Quality Garage Doors. We will always be ready to provide you with the services that you need for your home. Give us a call right now to learn more.

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