Fruita, CO wood garage door

Keeping a Wooden Replacement Garage Door Looking Great

One great option for replacement garage doors is to buy a wooden one. They provide a beautiful style, with country designs or classic flare. It is important, however, to know how to best maintain this kind of door so that you do not run into any problems. To keep your Fruita, CO wood garage door in excellent state, here is what you need to consider.

Keeping the door clean is essential. Dirt, dust, and other debris can get into the tracks and into other parts of the hardware, making it easier for the door to get damaged. If your home is in a place that is windy or that sees a lot of rain, you will want to ensure you do regular maintenance. Wet leaves can cause the mechanism to rust and malfunction and dirt can wear down gears. By doing regular maintenance, you can avoid this issue.

Wood doors also need to be oiled often. This can prevent cracking and other damage that can occur with time. Many times, the door itself will let you know what it needs to be oiled, since it will become more difficult to operate. It might get stuck or make noise as you open it or close it. It is also important, however, not to over-oil the door, since this can make it easier for dust and dirt to get stuck in it.

With wooden doors, you will also require sanding and refinishing. If you notice that the color of the door is not looking as great as it should be, you might also consider re-staining it. To do this in the best way, you should first sand down the door so that it is smooth and then apply the stain to it. Be sure to fill in any dents with wood filling, so that the surface does not have dips and the stain can be applied evenly.

Look for mildew. This is common in wooden doors, especially in areas where there is high humidity. By checking the door regularly, you can spot the mold as it starts to grow and can wipe it away easily. It may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a difference in the upkeep and in how long your garage door lasts.

All of these tips can be very helpful in ensuring that your wooden garage door remains looking beautiful and is functional for as long as possible. Be sure to do regular maintenance so that you can catch any damage early on and can resolve it without too much problem. You can learn more about wood garage doors in Fruita, CO by contacting a company that specializes in garage door replacements like us at Quality Garage Doors. We are here to offer our expertise so that you can keep your door in great shape. Stop by our location at 573 W Crete Cir Unit 201B Grand Junction, CO 81505 or call us at (970) 243-8290 to speak with one of our experts.

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